NXIVM Sex Cult is Actively Recruiting Through Influencers like Clementine Morrigan and Seerut K. Chawla

NXIVM cult leader Nicki Clyne follows Clementine Morrigan on Instagram.

NXIVM cult leader Nicki Clyne has publicly endorsed Clementine Morrigan, an influencer from Montreal, and Seerut K. Chawla, a licensed psychotherapist in London who is a member of Heterodox Academy — a group of 5,000+ professors, administrators, K-12 educators, staff & students who believe “diverse viewpoints and open inquiry are critical to research and learning.” Heterodox Academy is influencing anti-cancel culture discourse across social media.

According to Vox, Heterodox Academy advances conversative viewpoints on college campuses by playing into or presenting the argument that their views are suppressed by left-wing bias or political correctness. Heterodox Academy is being speculated as a re-branding of Campus Reform — a website funded by the right-wing Leadership Institute, which is funded by the Koch family.

Seerut regularly pushes the work of Clementine Morrigan, Jay Manicom-Marquis (LeSoleil), Dr. Christine Marie Katas, and many other public figures and influencers who are connected to the NXIVM Cult.

The Anti-Cancel Culture Cult has been priming survivors of abuse to accept defanged versions of our movements by targeting people through topics like consent, prison abolition, complex trauma, identity politics, critical race theory, Black history, and Black feminist theory.

Nicki Clyne is involved with a NXIVM-connected activist group that has gone by the names “The Forgotten Ones” and “We Are As You.” The group, which formed in July 2020, professes to have a goal of achieving prison reform in connections with Black Lives Matter, but in reality their sole interest appears to be bringing attention to what they believe is the wrongful imprisonment of NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere. Raniere is currently sentenced to 120 years in jail for child pornography, sex trafficking, and conspiracy. He is also being investigated in the deaths of four of his previous partners. Nicki Clyne is reportedly still heavily involved with NXIVM and may even be running it in Raniere’s absence. You can see her defending Keith in this video that was released on June 3, 2021.

Clementine Morrigan has taken Montreal and the cancel culture discourse by storm on Instagram with their refusal to participate in what they call “The Nexus.” The Nexus is what Clementine and her partner Jay Manicon-Marquies (LeSoleil) calls the phenomenon of survivors asking for accountability from our abusers — or “cancel culture.” Last year, during one of the largest global uprisings after the police murder of George Floyd, Clementine released a zine titled “Fuck the Police Means We Don’t Act Like Cops to Each Other” — comparing a culture created by Black activists fighting against the prison industrial complex to the very system that oppresses them on a global scale. This sentiment reeks of anti-Blackness.

One of Clementine’s main arguments against cancel culture is that it causes symptoms similar to Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, something many survivors of abuse experience. She backs this up by often citing a dissertation by Dr. Christine Marie titled “The Traumatic Impact of Media Humiliation, Misrepresentation and Victim-Shaming on Narrative Identity and Well-Being.

Publicly facing, Dr. Christine Marie claims to have helped many women escape cult-like religions such as the FLDS. According to Dr. Christine Marie, her specialties include: Media, PR, Online Content, Branding, Transmedia Storytelling, Media Psychology, Positive Psychology, Trauma, Human Trafficking, and Women’s Issues. Her business website states that she works on Personal Branding or Image Repair — and even focuses on “Cancel Culture & Call-Outs.” It is stated on Prabook that Dr. Christine’s political party is Republican.

From Keith Raniere’s Wikipedia page:

Dr. Christine Marie was hired to write marketing materials for Keith Raniere’s National Health Network and later for Executive Success Programs, which would ultimately become NXIVM.

You can read more on the following Instagram accounts:

Abolish NXIVM

The Lighthouse



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Caitie Gutierrez

Caitie Gutierrez

Mental Health Consumer Advocate, NXIVM Whistleblower, Reconnecting Biawaisa/2S Taíno (they/fae)